EXPLORE MAURITIUS Discover the authentic surroundings


Staying at Mystik Life Style is to be at the heart of one of the most popular coasts of the island. First you enjoy the village of Grand Baie which is the center of all northern activities. Modern resort area which brings a sense of pride to Mauritius, Grand Bay seduces you with its shops, galleries, shopping centers, sailing centers, countless restaurants and cafés all along its turquoise bay. Grand Bay is also the center of nightlife on the island with a number of bars and nightclubs.

But we tell you right away: it will be very difficult to leave the Mont Choisy beach ... Lined with casuarina trees, stretching languidly in an arc, the beach of Mont Choisy in the north is one of the popular for visitors and Mauritians. Want to see more? Mystik staff is sure to provide you assistance in your quest for discovery.

Tourist brochures usually present Mauritius as a stretch of paradisiacal white sandy beach lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Indeed true, but there’s more to it… Another striking fact when looking for the island on a map is its isolation. The island is located 900km east of Madagascar and 220km northeast of Reunion island. Together with Rodrigues, St Brandon, Agalega and Reunion, it is part of the Mascarene Islands. These islands are in fact only the top part of a vast volcanic chain linking Seychelles (in the north) to Reunion (in the south).

The island was formed since eight million years. The volcano died there two hundred thousand years ago, and there are no recorded volcanic activities anymore. It has 330 km of coastline, mostly sandy and bordered by clear water: the brochures are right!